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FTME is a Production Company based out of the Chicagoland suburbs, with a passion for building relations and helping Small Businesses and Non-profit Organizations. We strive in inspiring youth who have a desire to innovate the entertainment industry. Who would otherwise lack resources due to environmental and financial challenges. Introducing them to mentorship programs to develop skills and gain experience. Pioneering a new era of online creative content. The Entertainment industry was valued at 678 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 with a projection to increase exponentially over the next few years. Most production companies work with business owners and entrepreneurs to help build, establish, innovate, and commercialize their business. In most recent years the industry has changed and developed to involve more online companies and organizations through the use of online social media platforms. The Entertainment industry is an ever-evolving industry with many companies and businesses that sprout every year. FTME is committed to not only entering the industry but growing alongside it in the next several years.

Scholarships and Fee Waivers available for those in need. To learn more please click this link!



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